Kill the fatted calf! The prodigal blogger has returned once more.

My wife and I are moved into our new apartment and moved out of the parsonage. There are still items in storage, but we've committed to unpacking the things in our apartment before dragging the stored items out. The apartment is very nice in a quiet neighborhood. Our backyard is a small wooded area with birds and squirrels (including one that climbed on the back door yesterday) that separates us from the next street over.

We bought Halloween candy. While I am not going to weigh in on the Halloween debate (contributions by Rob, Bill, John, and JollyBlogger); I did like JollyBlogger's quote of Tim Challies' excellent suggestion that it's an evangelistic opportunity. Our church here in Tallahassee made up evangelistic sayings to go with the candy to be handed out to the children. My wife taped them to the small bags of M & M's. Unfortunately, we had no children come to our door. I am not sure why because as I came home from work, I saw them a couple streets down from our apartment.

Where have I been? My last post was 01 October, and it is now 02 November. We finished our move the second weekend in October, and then we were helping some friends of ours. The help kept us out of our apartment quite a bit, and so very little got done. After we were done helping, we both promptly got respiratory infections which knocked us for a loop. However, we're doing better now, and hopefully, things will progress nicely. The DSL is activated and connected, and one of our computers is set up. It is my prayer that I can continue this blog as part of my ministry and as a location for some of my thoughts.

What about ministry? For right now, I am sticking with lay ministry. I will be filling in some as I did this past Sunday at one of our Panama City sister churches, but I will not be taking a new church anytime soon. My wife and I are re-connecting with the church that was our home before we went to Cairo, and we will work and serve there for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your prayers and support over the past several months. Hopefully, we won't have to kill another fatted calf (they're in short supply around our apartment <grin>) anytime soon. God bless you and keep you.

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