As of 3:25 P.M. Eastern Time, the National Hurricane Center reports that Hurricane Dennis made landfall near Pensacola, Florida. This unfortunately means that Pensacola is taking it on the chin again, but fortunately means that the weather will start to improve as Dennis weakens over land.

The weather has deteriorated here since lunch time. The wind has increased, and we have had periods of heavy rain. My wife and I have not been over to the church for shelter, but we were there this morning for services. Services this evening are cancelled for safety reasons, but the weather should improve overnight. We appreciate your prayers, and when we went out to lunch after church, things looked OK. There were a number of small limbs down, and the traffic lights were angled in the wind. However, damage here in Grady County looks minimal, and we've only lost power once (and that was only for about 45 seconds).

Rob "Orangejack" Williams from Orlando and John, a Presbyterian (PCUSA) minister, from South Florida have commented on my Dennis posts (#1, #2), and I invite them to blog about their experiences with Dennis, as they were both in areas that got some of Dennis' fury. While you're at it, you could read Rob's posts from the 2004 Hurricane Season.

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