My wife and I are making preparations for Hurricane Dennis (RSS feed), which is expected to hit the northern Gulf Coast Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. The one vehicle is full of gas, and in a few minutes, we will go fill the gas tank on the other vehicle. We'll then return to our home, pack some clothes, pack our medications, and pack our important papers. Tomorrow morning, we will remove items which could become missiles in Dennis' 125+ mile per hour (200+ kilometers per hour) winds from our yard. We live in a manufactured home, and therefore, if Dennis heads our way, we will pack our computers and be headed to an evacuation shelter. If not, I'll attempt to keep you posted as Dennis affects us.

Please pray for the people that have been affected by Hurricane Dennis. In Haiti, at least 5 people have perished. In Cuba, the National Hurricane Center has reports of destroyed power and communications infrastructure and gusts up to 149 mph. Please also pray for us and whoever else is in the path of this dangerous hurricane, currently a Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson_Hurricane Scale.

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