I am re-working an include for one of the ministries for which I am the volunteer web servant. The include handles the menu for the site, and I am trying to include a search box on the menu (on may not be the right word). What I am trying to do looks pretty good in Firefox at high resolution, gets bad at low resolution (800 x 600 and below), and really stinks in Internet Explorer, period. The code is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional with valid CSS.

Therefore, my dilemma is: is it right for a ministry web site to change their browser if their browser doesn't play well with others, errr, support standards? I know there are secular sites that have told people that their experience may be degraded in Internet Explorer and that they should upgrade their browser. However, we're a ministry, and I am not sure we should be pushing products, free or not. (I just wrote that sentence, and I realized about two shakes after I wrote it that ministries do push products: books, music, conferences, etc.; but this seems different because which browser you use has no impact on your spiritual life, does it?)

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section as I continue to work (for a bit), sleep, and think and pray about this issue.

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