What a great marketing package!!! I was well impressed with the invitation that Granger Community Church put together for the sermon series that it is currently running. It's only a five week series, but they took the time and energy to put a professional polish on the marketing campaign for it.

The series impresses me as well. It's a series that I believe every church in America should tackle every two to three years. Granger's senior minister, Mark Beeson, says that they are running the series because "There is a desperate need for help in this area of our lives because we all have desires". Tommy Nelson, in his book The Book of Romance, describes a village where a man visited. This village is located by a river, which is populated with crocodiles. While the village and their guest were eating dinner, a crocodile attacks one of the diners, but nothing is done. The visitor is shocked at the lack of response to the attack, and in a final attempt to do something about it, he asks "Can't you do anything about the crocodiles?". The response to his question is "It is impolite in our culture to talk about crocodiles."

Why is it impolite in Christianity to talk about something that affects our lives so deeply? I don't know, but I praise Granger Community Church (and others) who seek to talk the subject because our "adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour." (I Peter 5:8) I clearly believe that Satan uses this area of our lives to draw us away from God and His love for us. My only peeve with what Granger has done is that I can't download MP3s of the sermons without paying for them!

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