Today after church, I went to lunch with my friends Tom, Sherry, Sam, and Laura (I hope that my recollection of this incident makes Laura laugh that hearty laugh of hers). My wife was at home resting, recovering from a migraine. What happened at one of the better known restaurants here in Tallahassee can only be described as a culinary comedy of errors.

I had never eaten as this restaurant before, but they are apparently well known for this category of dishes (starts with a q, and don't think of John Wayne). Tom and Sherry attempted to order the two Sunday brunch menu items that fall into this category and were told that they were sold out of these items. Laura had one of the items in mind as a backup plan as she was thinking of ordering the grouper, but they didn't have either. I managed to order something they had: the Cuban roast pork. Sam thought she had ordered the lasagna, but low and behold, the waiter came back bearing bad news. So finally, we get orders situated (except for Laura who stuck with water). We talked for a while, and then they brought food. The only slight problem (which really wasn't) was that they brought me a Cuban sandwich with pasta salad. It was good, but we all had to laugh that they had run out of so many items on the menu.

I guess the bottom line is don't go to this restaurant after church on Sunday unless you go to a church that offers an early service. But at least we were able to follow James' instruction: "Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials," (James 1:5); although, I doubt this is what James had in mind!

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