Bill Hayes of Wentworth Presbyterian Church in Rockingham County, North Carolina, posts his sermons to a blog, which appropriately, is named Rev. Bill's Sermons.

I've never really posted one of my three years of sermons to my blog. I may have taken the ideas from a sermon and posted it, or taken the ideas of a posting and made it a sermon, but never directly copied one to the other. I suppose the reason is this: when I write a sermon, I don't end up with a paper with every word I am going to say on it. I end up with a four to six page outline. It's the way I've always tackled public speaking since I had to do it in high school. Why do I do it this way? Because I have an intense dislike of being read to. When I am in a meeting and some reads something, my brain always says "Why did you not just give me several minutes to read this for myself?" By outlining instead of choosing every single word before hand, I avoid reading to my parishioner. I don't know how Bill handles his sermons (Bill, do you outline, do you write the whole thing, or something else?), but I suppose the way I do it will be someone's nightmare if we ever establish a hearing impaired ministry.

Why is this on my mind? Because Bill's sermon today inspired me to also preach on where God was in the middle of the destruction. Unlike Bill, I tend to pull a lot of scripture together instead of just working through one passage. However, I am thinking of writing up the sermon and posting it. Too bad our church doesn't have a church reporter, much like courts have court reporters.

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