It happened after Andrew, and it's happening again now. People are taking advantage of an already bad situation and using it for their personal gain: looting. I realize that some may be trying to get the essentials: food, water, and clothing. To those of you who are doing this: try to ask permission. These are difficult times, and everything each one of us can do to help is needed. To those of you that are trying to profit: STOP! Many of the people in the storm zone have lost everything, and you are just making a bad situation worse. Jesus taught us that the second greatest commandment (after loving God with our all) was to love our neighbor as ourselves. You know that you wouldn't want someone taking your belongings, so why are you doing it to someone else?

Those of us who got spared Katrina's destruction (if not the weather) are praying for you all and seeking to do what we can to help. Please don't make us regret that by the destructive acts of looting and violence.

Though I doubt many in the strike zone are reading this, if you can get the message in, please do.

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