Here in the southeastern United States, we've been focused on our own emergency, but I know I've had a heavy heart for the atrocities that were committed in London on Thursday. Bill Hayes posts about a call to prayer on 11 July 2005 (ironically, in light of 9/11 in NYC and 3/11 in Madrid, this is 7/11), and Bill and his nephew Rob point to British pastor Adrian Warnock's blogging (#2, #3, #3, #4, & #5) about the bombings and the aftermath.

Adrian, London, and the rest of the UK, our prayers are with you. May God comfort His people so that they may comfort others (II Corinthians 1:3-4). May Christ's body be the salt and light that they are called to be (Matthew 5:13-16), and may we follow the example of the Samaritan as we love our neighbors (Luke 10:25-37, Matthew 22:35-40).

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