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Today, on the 36th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, science fiction fans mourn the passing of James Montgomery Doohan, who played Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise (also NCC-1701-A).

My mother notes as a young man, I always liked Star Trek, and I recall liking even as I got older. Doohan always interjected humor into the series. I never met Doohan like some Trek fans have, but I pray that God comforts his family during this time.

I clearly remember Spock's funeral from Star Trek II including Scott's moving rendition of Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. Spock was launched towards the Genesis planet in the movie, and Reuters reports that Doohan's wife plans to launch his remains into space.

In addition to the Star Trek role that made him famous, Doohan was a husband, a father, and a veteran of the D-Day invasion in World War II, where he took 6 rounds from a German machine gun. A silver cigarette case saved his life by blocking a round to the chest, but his middle finger on his right hand had to be amputated.

Star Trek's cast and crew ages, and Doohan was preceded in death by DeForest Kelley and Gene Roddenberry. More proof that our time in this life (on this planet, for the present) is limited, and we should cherish life.

Rest in peace, lad.


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