Dougal Campbell posted about MicroFormats having a new website. Being the tech geek that I am, I had to check it out. MicroFormats are cool XML/XHTML (yes, I am aware that XHTML is really HTML reformulated as XML) snippets that contact pertinent, related information, such as an hCard, which is the markup equivalent of a vCard (a snippet containing contact information, like an electronic business card). For example, here is an hCard with information about me:

Jack L. Wolfgang II
Cairo, Georgia, USA 39827

Again, being the geek that I am, I re-did my resume in Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional (it was HTML 4.01 Transitional before the update) sprinkled liberally with hCards. The hCards represent my contact information (at the top) and the contact information for the organizations I worked for. There is one exception, and that is for First Christian Church of Cairo. The hCard site doesn't really define how to implement the address types defined in RFC 2426 Section 3.2.1 (or I wasn't smart enough to see it), and therefore, I have left the church's address, which is a mailing address, unconverted.

MicroFormats look very cool, and they look like they have a lot of promise. I hope they get used.

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