Rob writes about MUSC Tiger's post about a Biblical spam-vertisement. As Christians, we are supposed to "love our neighbors as we love" ourselves (Matthew 22:36, 39), but I don't like getting spam. This is a common feeling of probably nine out of ten internet users (this is a rough, rough guess-timate on my part) dislike receiving spam. So please, brothers and sisters, don't spam us for Jesus.

As for fine print, this doesn't sound good. Jesus said make your answer yes or no, and don't go beyond this (Matthew 5:37). If you have this burning desire to get God's word out, why are you charging a handling fee? Why are you hiding that in the fine print?

Rob and the Tiger are correct. There are free Bible resources out there. I use extensively when blogging, and I have used e-Sword before (I just wish the NASB was free. Eventually, I am going to have to shell out the money to get it.) I've not tried the other two links that the Tiger posted, and that's why I didn't post them.

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