One of the big news stories this week is the revelation that Medicaid benefits have been used by sex offenders to obtain medications to treat ED. The story broke in New York State (the link appears to be the earliest story on it, at least from Google News), but Florida and other states (Georgia appears to have not been affected). There is an understandable amount of outrage in the air, and calls are being made for the loophole in the law to be closed.

As I was thinking about this story when it first broke, I wondered, what if we took it a step further. The understandable call is to ban sex offenders from getting these medications, but what if the law went to a more Biblical point of view? What if the law prevented unmarried men from getting these drugs? I Corinthians 6:18 admonishes people to "Flee from sexual immorality." (NIV). The older translations (e.g. King James and American Standard) use the term "fornication" instead of "sexual immorality." Either way, we know God intended sex to be between a husband and a wife inside their marital relationship. We know that although many have pushed "safe sex", that condoms are not 100% effective at preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. We also know that a condom can not protect against the emotional damage that an improper sexual relationship can inflict. So why don't we deny federal funding of these medications to those who aren't married?

I'd support it, but there's some who do not (registration required, alternate link) and would not.

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