I saw something the other day that I didn't understand. It was a Chick booklet (specifically, this one). On the back of the Chick booklets, there is a blank area marked "Compliments of:". In this area, usually, a church has stamped contact information for the church. That was exactly the case with the Chick booklet I found the other day.

The evangelistic idea of leaving the booklet was not what I didn't understand. What I did not understand was that the stamp had the church's web site and e-mail addresses on it. I'm not giving the church's name (I'll leave that to Mean Dean. NOTE: I did not give Dean his nom de plume, check how he signs his posts.) However, the church's web site was given as www.examplechurch.com, but the e-mail address is example@isp.net. WHY?! Why did they not create an e-mail address that could be checked by their evangelism team: chick@examplechurch.org or outreach@examplechurch.org? And this church isn't the only place that does it. Small companies seem to be bad about it, too. To me, it seems like a bad use of your resources to do this, but this is just my opinion.