This morning, I received an e-mail prompted by my DVT Awareness post. The lady, a DVT survivor, was looking for a DVT Awareness Pin or Bracelet. Unfortunately, I told her the only one I had ever seen was given to me by a nurse, who had gotten it from a drug rep (This is not the formal title, but it's a term that refers to a person working for a pharmaceutical company that tries to get doctors to prescribe or use that company's drugs. However, I know this is a term used in the medical field) for the company that makes Lovenox. I looked on the site I mentioned in my DVT awareness post, The Coalition to Prevent DVT. I also looked at Lovenox's web site and the site, which is run by the company that makes Lovenox, for such a pin, but I did not find an obvious link.

If you know where to get such a pin, please contact me so that I may pass the information on. In the mean time, I'll have to see if I can get another from my nurse friend. Thanks!

I also want to thank the DVT survivor for e-mailing me. Such e-mails encourage me to keep on bloggin'!

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