Commenting and trackback are finally executed for the blog. As expected, trackback functionality is being provided by HaloScan, but commenting functionality is being provided by Blogger.

While Blogger's commenting doesn't offer the fine control of HaloScan (i.e. the ability to edit individual posts), it does offer e-mail notification, which is a premium account only feature at HaloScan. Because this is my blog, I intend to moderate what goes on in the comments, and comments that I deem unacceptable (meaning blatantly offensive, crude, inappropriate, and of course, spam) will be removed. However, I did not want to make people jump through the hoops of comment moderation.

Commenting and Trackback aren't implemented just as I would have liked, as what I was trying to do either broke the links, XHTML 1.0 Validation, or both. I'll continue to work on getting it the way I want it, but this means for the time being that the number of trackbacks will not appear on the blog itself. Also, I intended to get comments merged in with the post pages, but that hasn't happened yet either. Sleep takes precedent now.

So there it is. Play responsibily, because Big Brother Wolfgang is watching.

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