This evening, after coming home from work and a hospital visitation, I looked over three of the boards I regularly visit, and then I started in on template work for the blog. Accessibility experts (such as Mark Pilgrim, WebAIM, etc.) say that links should NOT open in new windows. However, I have been doing this (having links open in new windows) since I started writing HTML, and I find it useful to let the user know where my site ends, and where someone else's begins. In addition to the changes to the links on the right side, I added a style sheet rule to append this image, [External Link Indicator], to links that open in external windows. The problem is that I cannot assign alt text to the image. Therefore, I will probably add to the rule to cause some other change to occur when the link gets focus or is hovered over (the solution will probably take the form of text appended to the end similar to the access key solution posted at A List Apart).

Fine tuning the solution to the external link problem shouldn't take long, and provided it gets done and my brother and I don't play Bolo tomorrow night, trackback and commenting could be added to the feature set of this blog tomorrow. Otherwise, it may wait.

I had grand intentions of writing several posts tonight, but it's much past bedtime now.