Chris (my brother) and I did play one game of WinBolo tonight. Chris, should I mention that you shouldn't carry 5 pillboxes around at once? <grin>

The other template changes I made last night may not be as obvious as the link changes in the right column or the external link indicator.

The first change was a change to the title of the blog pages. Before they were all "JLW2 Blog: The Intersection of Life, Faith, Technology, & Science". Now that is only the title page for the main blog page. The date archive pages are titled: "JLW2 Blog: Month Year", and the individual post pages are titled: "JLW2 Blog: Post Title". This is done using <$BlogPageTitle$> template tag in Blogger. This is mentioned as improving accessibility in Day 8 of Mark Pilgrim's "Dive into Accessibility".

The other thing that I changed was to add the title attribute to the Permalinks using the Blogger template tag <$BlogItemTitle$>. According to Day 14 of "Dive into Accessibility", this assists users to understand where links lead.

It looks as though I need to fix tab order on the document as the tab order is starting in the right column when it should start in the content column.