You may tire of reading about this (also this article), but this is my soapbox and I'm standing on it.

Blogger wrote on 25 January 2005 A.D. (I know this is several days later, but I was unable to blog or e-mail a couple days this week):

Thanks for letting us know about this validation issue. However, unless it is actually breaking functionality somewhere in Blogger or causing true accessibility issues, it will likely be treated with a low-priority.

Blogger has spoken. This is a low priority problem according to Blogger. So the question is, do I transition the blog back to HTML 4.01 where it will validate, or do I keep it XHTML 1.0 and wait for Blogger to fix it.

Comments still aren't a go on the blog, so if you want to tell me what you think, this is the place to do it.