I found this article late this evening as I was surfing the web (namely from the OSMinistry.com forums to Terry Storch's blog (entry about riding a Segway) to the BMC Website), and I noticed the this article ("When Less Is More") on BMC's web site (I'd never heard of BMC until I saw the mention on Storch's blog).

You know, it makes me think. Is less more on web sites? With all the Shockwave Flash, Java, and stuff out there, should we really be going for more simplicity in web sites? Personally, I've never been a graphics heavy designer. I do understand the arguments for Flash and Java and animation and the rest, but do we needlessly complicate things when we require people to download a program just to view our home pages?

Perhaps so. After all, BMC makes a good point. There's a number of Bibles (inluding most of the ones on my bookshelf and the one I use most for preaching) that are just black text on white pages with a a simple cover. Some have some red text to make the words of our Lord and Saviour (I like the British spelling of that word, and I don't know why) stand out from the rest, but generally, they are pretty plain. Last I heard, it was still the best selling book in the world. So maybe less is more.