What ever happened to GeoURL.com and GeoTags.com?

For those of you who don't know, you could post some META tags in your HTML document, add URLs at those sites, and boom, geographic search engine (including click on the map and see sites on the map).

However, they seem to be dormant. GeoURL states "We are down for renovations. Check back soon!" GeoTags appears to be functional, but adding a URL produces an error. There is a Linux Journal article that talks about GeoTagging. It mentions that A2B and MultiMap read and index GeoTags and GeoTagged sites. I submitted to A2B through PingOMatic, but I haven't submitted to MultiMap yet (they apparently require a reciporical link).

Is someone going to pick up the ball on this, so that we can see where sites are located on this terrestrial ball (or over, if you can blog from the ISS).