Since Christmas, I have made two changes to our computer setup.

First, I installed a Linksys LNE100TX network card. Our DSL connection was running fine on USB, but I got a SanDisk 512 MB Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive (it's pretty cool, but form-wise, it's not the Swiss Army USB Flash Drive. However, mine's 512 MB, and you can't get that Swiss Army style.). Anyways, plugging the USB Flash Drive in caused our DSL connection to drop. Ergo, fix that problem by replacing USB connection with Ethernet.

Second, I noticed on our ISP had a firmware download for our DSL modem that would allow us to operate without the DSL software installed on our computer. Since our computer is older, slower, and a little deficient in the memory department, I tried it (it didn't work until the ISP sent me a new modem).

The result: a connection to the internet that I don't have to click on an icon to establish. Always on....which means, I am always distracted. Since I am now more distracted, I get less done.