In a note to myself Sunday, I noted several things I wanted to do with this blog:

  1. Edit the CSS so long titles have a hanging indent.
  2. Edit the CSS so the date appears in a different color.
  3. Look at editing the template so that a horizontal rule appears between posts (possibly 50% width).
  4. Find logo icons for RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds.
  5. Use icons found in step 4 to advertise feeds.
  6. Modify footer to give credit to FeedBurner for the feeds (yes, I know Blogger supports an Atom feed, but it doesn't give stats like FeedBurner. Blogger's Atom feed for this site feeds FeedBurner.).

All but #4 are done now. I didn't find any logos I liked. So text links will do for now. The titles do look better (more separated) with the hanging indent. Having the date in the teal makes it stand out a little better. The Horizontal Rule divides the posts a little more, and the site feed links let people know what is here. Also, in the spirit of "giving credit where credit is due", FeedBurner is linked in the footer.

My brother upon looking at my blog said:

Get some color into that site! :)

I think I like the color scheme as is, unless I can go to something like this (the earth may be a bit much, but the transparent blue and the starfield is pretty cool).