OK, This is the post I should have written before the Mac Mini Post.

Most blogs have the about me link or text in the side bar, but I have decided to forgo that for a post and a link to the home page.

I am the preaching minister at a small church in Southwest Georgia or the Southwestern Corner (note that all of Georgia is on Eastern Time, so all the posts here are dated as Eastern Time unless noted) as the chief meteorologist the Albany, GA NBC affiliate calls it. I used to work for the Bureau of Laboratories at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, but I left to try to move my nets closer to my ministry (in other words, move my secular employment closer to my church).

I've been out of work since August 2004, and I am looking for a computer job in Cairo, Thomasville, Bainbridge, or Tallahassee. If you are interested in hiring me, you might want to look at my resume.

I'm 30-something and married to a wonderful woman. While on the web, I enjoy the forums at OSMinistry.com and Christian Web Masters. Also up and coming on the forum list is Great ChurchWebSites.org. I also enjoy a good game of WinBolo, but I am not very good.

I may link this into the side bar later.